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Silica Coat Quartzace


    Silica Coat Quartzace
  • Quartzace is a coined word coming from the two words “quartz” and “surface”. The coating changes only surface of material into quartz.
    It applies to any kind of base material including metal, resin, rubber, or organism, and provides characteristics of silica glass only on the material surface, without sacrificing features of the base material. For example, its application to metal provides excellent corrosion resistance of silica glass against hydrochloric acid gas, etc. It also prevents metal oxidization at high temperatures.  Coating of metal surface with SiO2 equivalent to synthetic fused silica can also solve the problem of metal contamination.

    Other than semiconductors, it can apply to resin, reducing gas permeability and vulnerability to scratches.  Silica Coat can work as biomaterial and add bioactivity to base material by applying to the material like metal or resin. 

    Related patent : 2009-141806、2008-025491、2008-088032、2008-088031、2008-537549、2007-312833、2001-0941

    Composition : SiO2
    Film thickness : 0.1 ~ 3μm
    Heat resistant temperature : 350℃ (-196℃ ~ 900℃)
  • Countermeasures to corrosion and metal contamination (excluding Fluorine gas)
  • Chambers, chamber peripheral materials, flanges, etc.

Material Data

Adhesive properties and unique two-layer structure of Silica Coat Quartzace

Adhesive properties; Adhesion to base material is very strong, and Si of SiO2 is bound with O of oxide film of base metal (estimation). 
Two-layer structure; The upper layer has membered ring structure and the lower layer has methyl group (CH3) containing flexible structure.

Effect example of Silica Coat Quartzace (1) (Reduction of metal contamination) 

The coating applied to the inner surface of the stainless steel flange nearest to the chamber inside the HCl gas supply piping.

Effect example of Silica Coat Quartzace (2) (Resistance to HBr) 

The coating applied to the inner surface of the stainless steel flange nearest to the chamber inside the HCl gas supply piping. 

List of Our Solutions

Product Name Feature Film Material Film Thickness Heat Resistant Temperature Corrosion Resistance Effect Example
Silica Coat
Coating of metal surface with high-purity SiO2 equivalent to synthetic fused silica realizes metal contamination free surface. SiO2 0.7μm 350℃ HCl
Prevention of metal oxidation at high temperatures Reduction of metal contamination 
SPP Treatment Dense chromium oxide film formed on the surface of SUS316L provides excellent corrosion resistance even to HF and HCL. Cr2O3 40Å 300℃ HCl
Reduction of metal contamination 

*1 Not applicable to HF, F2, or other F based gas